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Clamp-On-Pipe Reactors

Our Clamp-On Pipe Reactors are effective in acoustically activating the liquid flowing through your existing piping systems.  These compact Ultrasonic Reactors may be mounted wherever you need to enhance the reaction rates within your process stream. 

cprThis CPR-1203-20 kHz Clamp-On Pipe Reactor is a 1,200 Watt, 75mm ID, compressed
air-cooled system. We also offer fan driven air-cooled and
liquid-cooled systems for concise temperature control of the acoustically activated liquid.

This CPR-1203-20 kHz Clamp-On Pipe Reactor

The Clamp-On Pipe Reactor delivers ultrasonic energy to existing liquid transport systems. This acoustic energy is very effective in accelerating the liquid-solid interface hydrodynamics and/or chemical reaction rates. Ultrasonic activity dramatically improves Physical and Chemical Reactions.

The Clamp-On installation procedure of these ultrasonic assemblies offers a simple and quick solution to unyielding reaction kinetics. The CPR transducer assemblies may be mounted horizontally or vertically to accommodate your installation requirements. Our air-cooled and liquid-cooled transducer assemblies adapt to a wide range of process temperature conditions. The CPR's ultrasonic power output is adjustable with our Adjustable Power Control Generator (APC).