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Custom Ultrasonic Reactors and Processors

Advanced Sonic Processing Systems is exclusively involved in providing ultrasonic hardware for enhancing chemical & physical reactions and processes. We provide the ability to ultrasonically energize your process from the laboratory to the production floor. We have a variety of standard products shown on this site. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities offer the ability to fabricate Customized Ultrasonic Reactors.

Our ultrasonic equipment can be built to your equipment specifications for optimization of your processing requirements. The permanent operating properties of our silver-brazed transducers permits us to weld the ultrasonic diaphragm plates directly to your processing vessels. Some system configurations allow us to braze our transducers directly to your reaction vessel wall.

Please feel free to contact us if you require additional information. We look forward to introducing you to the benefits created through our Ultrasonic Processing Products.

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URC-1801 SUPPORT STANDOur Tubular Reactor Equipment Series is ideal for production installations where constant and consistent performance at a 100% duty cycle is necessary. These Reactors deliver superior ultrasonic performance for processing material in a continuous flow system. The single-frequency Ultrasonic Tubular Reactor is a low cost solution for applications benefitting from low intensity ultrasonic energy.

The UTRs are available with several different styles of plumbing connections. The Hose Barb connection is a low cost method to isolate the ultrasonic vibrations from the system's plumbing network. We also offer: Flange Fittings (ANSI or DIN), Sanitary Flanges (i.e. 3A Tri-Clamp Style), Grooved End Plumbing Connections (similar to Victaulic's plumbing fittings), or Taper Pipe Threads (or also known as the NPT Series).

This Ultrasonic Tubular Reactor, M/N: UTR-1801, has been built with Hose Barb connections for the conveyance lines. We prefer to mount the UTR in the vertical plane so air bubbles are expelled from the ultrasonic processing zone (the ultrasonic energy will coalesce dissolved gas into visible bubbles).

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Threaded Plug Transducer

Our Threaded Plug Transducer w/ a 4" NPT Thread

These 500 Watt Transducer Assemblies are mounted to a Threaded Plug to be inserted into a Tank or a process stream's Piping Network. The Threaded Plug Transducer, M/N: TPT-4-20 kHz, is a high-power, ultrasonic system that can be installed through a Half Coupling or Threaded Tee. The acoustic energy from the Threaded Plug Transducer will produce drastic process rate changes and quality enhancements with difficult processing tasks.

This system consists of (3) Threaded Plug Transducers wired in series, with
a Transducer Overtemperature Sensor on each transducer assembly. Each transducer has been fitted with a high-temperature sensor to protect the transducer from operating dry for an extended period of time (hours). The ultrasonic generator will shut down (due to a high-temperature trip) and will not operate until the transducer temperature has cooled down to safe limits.

Each Transducer Assembly has been built with a Boss Nose so the Ultrasonic Diaphragm Plate will be positioned deeply into the Processing Liquid Flow Stream.

We have supplied this system with removable Transducer Power Cables. This feature is highly desirable for installations where space is a premium and there is not enough room to twist the TPT's Transducer Assembly with a cable attached for a leak free installation.

The TPT Reactors are maintenance free and built to operate continuously with a 100% duty cycle. The TPT system will handle large volumes of material without any degradation to ultrasonic processing performance. The TPT design allows us to scale the system up (or down) to meet your processing demands.

Several variables that influence the reaction rates due to ultrasonic processing are: process solution dwell time within the ultrasonic processing cavity, power input (watt density), size of the ultrasonic reaction chamber (power intensity), operating pressure within the reaction chamber, process solution liquor density, and the process solution's temperature.

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custom transducers

Customized Reactors

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DFR-5218 for Ballast Water Treatment

The Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-5218 provides an intense and uniform ultrasonic energy profile. The uniform acoustic field is ideal for enhancing liquid/solid surface hydrodynamics along with accelerating sonochemical reactions.

The DFR consists of two separate ultrasonic Diaphragm Plates driven at 16 and 20 kHz. The Dual-Frequency Reactor has the transducer diaphragm plates opposing one another to maximize the Nearfield effect delivered by the system. The Nearfield effect is the intense acoustic energy delivered to your process solution/material which is located within one wavelength of the acoustic resonating surface, (approximately 3" for aqueous based solutions).

Each diaphragm Plate section has a maximum power of 2,000 Watts. Each frequency on the DFR-5218 has (5) Diaphragm Plate sections for a maximum ultrasonic power level of 10,000 Watts. The entire DFR-5218 system has a maximum ultrasonic power level of 20,000 Watts.

Process Scale-Up: The result received from analyzing the various process parameters is most useful for process scale-up. Our DFR Processing Technology allows the process to be scaled up without diminishing processing results. With the optimum system configuration determined, scale-up may be as simple as a linear relationship.

Dual-Frequency Reactor, M/N: DFR-5218

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Bubble Trapper

The Ultrasonic Tubular Reactor, M/N UTR-600

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bubble trapperThe Ultrasonic Bubble Trapping System, M/N UBT-750, is a
high-power, ultrasonic system with variable ultrasonic power. The UBT is built with opposing transducers driven at the same frequency. This combination will create a standing wave profile within the acoustic chamber when the gap between the two Ultrasonic Diaphragm Plates is set at a whole number multiple of the wavelength/2, (or n x bubble trapper/2). This standing wave is effective in trapping gas bubbles within the nodal regions of the acoustic pressure wave.

The Ultrasonic Bubble Trapping System, M/N UBT-750

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