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Ultrasonic Reaction Cells (URCs)
aka Single Frequency Reaction Cells

Our single frequency Ultrasonic Reaction Cells are very versatile for ultrasonic processing applications. The wide assortment of Transducer Assemblies, Reaction Chambers, Generator Features, and Optional Accessories allows for flexible system configurations for a variety of applications.


This URC-4-DPP is fitted with a 2 port Jacketed, Reaction Cell, complete with a Dome Cap and pneumatic drive Mixer. The DRC & Mixer are Explosion Proof with a rating of Class 1, Div 1, Groups C&D. The system is mounted on our tall Vertical Support Stand, (p/n VSST-URC-4). This Support Stand is ideal for systems with a Diaphragm Plate Port. The Diaphragm Plate Port can be used as a Drain Port or used to Sparge a Liquid or Gas into the Ultrasonic Reaction Chamber.


  1. Our Magnetostrictive Transducer Equipment is the Most Economical System Available
  2. Processing Results are scalable into large systems without compromising performance.
  3. Equipment Built with Transducer Performance that NEVER Degrades over time.


This custom Reaction Cell has several unique features. The Bottom Transducer Assembly has (2) Diaphragm Plate Ports. (1) Port is used as a Drain and the other Port is used to Sparge Gas though the Process Solution while in the Ultrasonic Energized Chamber.


This high pressure Ultrasonic Reaction Cell System has been fitted with a Customized Reaction Cell Chamber. The bottom URC-4-2DPP has (2) Diaphragm Plate Ports both equipped with Sanitary Ball Valves. Four (4) URC-2.5's are attached to the 4" jacketed Reaction Chamber. The system includes a high pressure Mixer (with a Mechanical End-Face Seal) attached to a (3) port Dome Cap. The Dome Cap has a vent port with Ball Valve and the third port has been fitted with a Pressure Gauge.

Our Ultrasonic Reaction Cells are built using 3A Rated Sanitary Flange Fittings. These fittings are also known as Tri-Clamp Fittings, Quick Clamp Fittings or Fittings built for Dairy Equipment. Gaskets have a compressible ridge on both faces and are 3-A Certified and USDA Compliant (the rigid provides a tight seal and prevents gasket blow-out).

The Ultrasonic Reaction Cell is available in a multitude of configurations. These small Flat Plate Resonators are ideal for research and small scale production operations. One major advantage of the URC is the ability to scale research into reliable large Flat Plate Production Systems.

Additional Transducer Assemblies and/or Reaction Chambers may be added as changes in research priorities change over the course of time. The research conducted with these small Ultrasonic Reactors may be directly scaled up into very large system(s) with positive surprises in overall ultrasonic processing performance.

The URCs Offer the Following Features:

  1. Temperature Controlled Ultrasonic Reaction Chamber.
  2. Quick set up of experimental apparatus.
  3. Capable of processing flammable fluids, Class 1, Div 1, Groups C&D.
  4. Pharmaceutical Grade Systems are available.
  5. Food Grade Systems are available.
  6. Variable Ultrasonic Power Control.

600 Watt URC-4

Top View of the 600 Watt URC-4

This 600 Watt URC-4 is fitted with an Open-Top-Cylindrical-Cell and supported by the Short Vertical Support Stand (p/n VSSS-URC-4). The Short Vertical Support Stand is desirable so the Center-of-Gravity is kept low.

For additional Information for Open-Top-Cylindrical-Cells.
(link to URC-OTCC.des)


This 600 Watt URC-4-DPP has a single Diaphragm Plate Port complete with Ball Valve. The Ball Valve is useful for draining the liquid inside the 6" tall Open-Top-Cylindrical-Cell. Even though the Cell holds 1100 ml of liquid (when brim full), a Drain Valve can be very handy in controlling the drainage rate and eliminating spills. The Tall Vertical Support Stand is necessary for URCs built with a Diaphragm Plate Port(s) in order to have room for access to the Ball Valve (the Tall Vertical Support Stand's P/N: VSST-URC-4). The Vertical Support Stand is also very helpful in supporting and holding the URC Assembly upright during operation.

URC-8 close-up


This 1200 Watt URC-8-DPP is mounted on a Tall Vertical Support Stand, P/N: VSST-URC-8. The System has been fitted with a 15" tall Open-Top-Cylindrical-Cell with a capacity of 11.5 liters. The Diaphragm Plate Port has been fitted with a 1" Sanitary Ball Valve. This Ultrasonic Transducer Assembly is rated for use in a Class 1, Div 1, Groups C&D location.


URC with Mixer

This URC is equipped with our Sanitary Mixer option. We use a quick-clamp to attach the compressed-air Mixer Motor Assembly to the Dome Cover of the URC. This Dome Cover is equipped with an additional ?" Vent Port (mounted at a 35 angle). The vent port allows the researcher to introduce a gas stream in the head space of the Reaction Cell (ie. Argon, N2, O2, etc). The vent port is also effective in retrieving samples for reactions where the gas evolved is a desirable product of the reaction. This system has a 20 kHz Transducer Assembly located at the base of the URC.


The Sanitary Mixer option provides a safe way to agitate your sample while the ultrasonic energy treats the mixture. Our Sanitary mixer is provided with a ball valve (for quick ON/OFF operation) and a needle valve for fine speed adjustment.

We also offer a High-Pressure Sanitary Mixer with a Mechanical End Face Seal rated for Vacuum to 90 psig.

URC-4 with Reaction Cell close-up

The Dome Cap is offered with a Sanitary Flange Port on the centerline. This port location is ideal for the Optional Vertical Shaft Mixer.

URC4 with Reaction Cell

This URC-4 is fitted with a 2 liter Reaction Cell complete with a Dome Lid. The system is rated for 45 psi as shown with Wing-Nut Style Clamps. We also offer a High Pressure version, M/N URC-4-High-Pressure, which requires the High-Pressure Bolt Style Clamps.

We have a URC Sizing Chart listing a summary of URC Sizes, Ultrasonic Power Levels and Volumetric Capacities available. A drawing of the DRC's cross-sectioned view is shown on the "Sizing Chart".

Technical Bulletins are available for specifications on specific systems.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.