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Sonic Shoes

The ultrasonic Sonic Shoe is a small vibrating plate assembly ideal for acoustically activating a confined space. Each Sonic Shoe is a powerful compact ultrasonic Transducer Assembly capable of accelerating reactions, enhancing surface wetting, and/or foaming of carbonated beverages. The Shoe's variable ultrasonic power and variable ultrasonic frequency control allows the operator to adjust and optimize operating parameters.

The Sonic Shoe is built to be slid along the material requiring ultrasonic treatment. The Shoe may be bolted, glued or welded to a reaction chamber for semi-permanent installations. You may even squeeze the product requiring ultrasonic treatment between opposing Sonic Shoes to maximize the ultrasonic intensity for truly demanding applications.

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sonic shoeThe Sonic Shoe, M/N: SS-902-2, consists of a pair of small vibrating plate assemblies with a maximum power of 500 Watts. Our magnetostrictive transducer is
silver-brazed to the Shoe's sliding surface creating a solid-state assembly. This assembly may be vibrated, experience high velocity impacts, tolerate wet operation, and operate for years without deterioration in acoustic performance. Our solid-state silver-brazed transducer is built without threaded fasteners providing years of reliable service.

The Sonic Shoe, M/N: SS-902-2

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The Sonic Shoe is effective in processing :Beer foaming prior to capping, (to expel O2 from the beer bottle to enhance shelf life) Cleaning the individual pores of a surface with an optional flushing manifold Acceleration of the curing cycle for epoxy adhesives, while minimizing void cavities Defoaming and Compaction of suspended solids within a slurry Impregnation of a liquid into a moving web Compaction of molded compounds.

The Sonic Shoe, M/N: SS-902-SLM

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The Sonic Shoe is maintenance free and built to operate continuously, (ie 100% duty cycle). This system will handle large volumes of material, without degradation to ultrasonic processing performance. The diaphragm plate design allows the system to be scaled up (or down) to meet your processing demands without compromising performance.