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The Ultrasonic Soldering Tray M/N: UST-908

Fluxless Soldering via Ultrasonics
QUICK, Powerful, Convenient, Compact … and Dependable!

Our Ultrasonic Soldering Trays offer all the benefits of our Ultrasonic Soldering Pots along with several unique advantages. The Tray is a High-Powered Ultrasonic Soldering System ideal for soldering small components. The shallow depth allows us to deliver high power Ultrasonic Energy for uniform wetting of the immersed component. The Tray's short freeboard allows the operator to easily view the immersion zone for concise dipping control.

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The Ultrasonic Soldering Tray, Model No. UST-908,
with the Heat Control Cabinet and the Multiple Parameter Control Generator

The Ultrasonic Soldering Tray is a self contained soldering system. The high-powered ultrasonic shallow tank provides rapid oxide removal for the immersed component. Intense cavitation implosions etch through surface oxides, exposing a layer of clean base material. The soldering alloy rapidly wets the clean surface providing a uniform bond with superior performance (within seconds). Post soldering flux removal is eliminated.

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The Ultrasonic Soldering Tray Delivers These Advantages:

Ultrasonic Energy Micro-Etches the Immersed Surface Providing Increased Bond Strengths.
The Solder Rapidly Wets the Ultrasonically Cleaned Surface Providing a Uniform Bond.
The Soldering Alloy's Relative Viscosity is Reduced when Acoustically Activated.
The Ultrasonic Energy Draws the Solder into the Pores of the Immersed Item.
Very High Ultrasonic Activity, even with High Density Solders.
Uniform Wetting without the use of a Soldering Flux.
Micro-Etching Action is accomplished in Seconds.
No Post Soldering Cleaning Required.

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