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Advanced Sonic Processing Systems manufactures Industrial Ultrasonic Processing Equipment for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Textile, Cosmetic, Pigment, and Waste Treatment Processing Industries.

We have a selection of standard products with various sized reactors and acoustic power. We often work with clients to fabricate custom reactors as required. We offer rental ultrasonic equipment for laboratory research to pilot-scale operations. We will be displaying our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology which is unmatched for the enhancement and process intensification of sonochemical and sonophysical reactions.

Ultrasonic Processing applications include: dispersions, deagglomerations, nanoparticle dispersions, nanoparticle manufacturing, crystallization, particle size control, particle pre-wetting, dispersion and reduction, mixing, waste water processing, high purity chemical processing, emulsification, sonochemical processing, extractions, along with Green Chemistry Processes.

Advanced Sonics is located in Oxford, Connecticut, USA, (approximately 70 miles from New York City). Please feel free to contact us to discuss your processing requirements or come visit us at our manufacturing facility.