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Vibrating Trays

The Vibrating Tray Equipment Series is a high volume ultrasonic trough which is effective in accelerating the surface dynamics of the fluidized particles. The Tray provides the largest volumetric capacity for materials that benefit from mild acoustic exposure.

The ultrasonic cavitational energy scrubs each particle's surface as it flows over the Tray. The cleaning effect produced by water alone is very effective in removing surface contaminates from the particulate pores. Chemical additives, added prior to the ultrasonic Vibrating Tray, become highly reactive in the acoustic field. This allows ore refining techniques to produce higher yields with lower consumable costs. The Tray is effective for soil washing, precious metal recovery, and mineral ore extraction.

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This installation cleans 40 tons of coal per hour.  Coal is reclaimed from a slurry pond used in a coal washing operation.  Fine particle coal is recovered with a vastly reduced ash and moisture content.  Free sulphur is also washed away from the surface of the coal particle.

Ultrasonic cleaning of colloidal clay from precious metal bearing ores offers the quickest ROI.  Note the clean tailings pile pictured above.

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The Vibrating Tray has a very intense ultrasonic zone located directly above the transducers.  The entire Tray resonates, creating many ultrasonically activated zones.  Notice the dark ridges illustrating the vibration pattern.

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The Vibrating Tray improves the PCB extraction capabilities of the Sigma Environmental Technology's soil washing system by 15%.  This performance enhancement is accomplished while reducing surfactant consumption.

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Installation Overview of the Vibrating Tray™